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Art Storm Consulting is a consulting agency specializing in art.

We investigate, analyze and set up new applications of art both for individuals, businesses, galleries, museums associations or communities.



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Design & Architecture Agencies
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Architecture / Design Agencies

Collecting art for defining spaces requires more than good taste and interesting objects. Art Storm Consulting further your design goals by breathing the vibrancy of well-conceived and fully realized art programs into your space. We are connected to a network of galleries, collections, artisans, and craftspeople working in every medium and scale. Canvas creates compelling, individual art programs that elevate the calibre of each project’s design.


Budget & Concept

Determining a preliminary budget for the overall art program is a requisite first-step in the art consultation process. Once determined, this budget serves as a guide to aid in the development of a conceptual vision for the art program. Our consultants work closely with the project design team to establish a general direction for the art as it relates to the overall interior design concept. A portfolio is produced to illustrate the intent of the art program, and includes a collection of imagery depicting the style and type of art recommended. Once this portfolio is approved, the art consultation proceeds to the next phase.

Program Development

We start to select specific artwork for the project. In assembling this collection, we work closely with a diverse number of sources to exploit an almost unlimited range of works that incorporates the full gamut of artistic media. Next, a Final Art Program Book is submitted for client approval; in essence, a comprehensive overview of the collection of artwork that includes a detailed line-item art budget for each space. Our consultants select and specify unique and original artworks.


After the Final Art Program Book is approved, the purchasing process begins. Our Art Consultancy initiates all commissioned artwork and proceeds with the procurement of existing art and accessories. They carefully monitor the process of commissioned artwork and custom artifact fabrication, and select specialty framing and customized presentation styles that will not only accentuate the artwork but also compliment the interiors.


Integral to the overall success of the art program is the correct placement of each specific piece. Our art consultants are available to assist with the final installation, to locate and spot the artwork for the installation crew, and to place accessories in their proper locations throughout the hotel. Finally, our consultants will issue an Art Acquisitions Book to leave behind with the hotel staff. It includes a written description and image for each artwork in the hotel’s collection, and is designed as a reference guide for the staff so they may offer an informed response to guest inquiries about the collection.


Collecting Art

We save our clients time and money and we reduce their transactional risk by guiding them through the opaque international art market. We understand the need for discretion; we are transparent on pricing and we avoid conflicts of interest. And the best part is that most of the time it doesn’t cost you anything!

We are here to help you

Our services are available to everyone, whether you are purchasing your first work or building upon an existing collection. Whether you seek a world-renowned artist or you are attracted by a potential discovery and collaboration with a new talent. We are available to help you find works that you love; with your price range, interests, and current collection in mind. 

Tell us what you are looking for

If you’re interested in buying art, simply visit the contact section below to send us a message directly. You can ask us about anything: pricing, availability, shipping, and further details. Often, the more information you give us about what you are looking for, the quicker the response will be. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have. There is no charge for making a first inquiry or consulting us for the first time.

Constituent Subdivision

We believe that art can be one of the most powerful tools of a community. A good artistic policy allows a community to chart its own cultural future, to optimize and improve its assets. It is for this reason that Art Storm Consulting works with them to advise, develop and evaluate their investment in art. Our work combines knowledge of the art of industry trends and those which are adjacent to robust research and in-depth analyzes. We thrive on new challenges and approach every problem with curiosity, creativity, and integrity.

We have worked for 9 years with all stakeholders in the art world, which allows us to have a 360 degrees both on the public market and the private market. Our working method combines our unwavering passion for art and experience in depth of field, the use of numerical analysis tools for unique data management. We provide these tools and skills to community service so that they become the vector of a cultural, economic and tourism. Through our commitment we help our partners to build a roadmap for years to come.

Our geostrategic studies are based on targets research and potential impacts (brakes and opportunities, perceptions and actual impacts …)
We propose key performance indicators on a geographical area. This analysis allows us to reveal most of the relationships between the characteristics of the market and the performance of a cultural center or a predefined area.
The software we use is a catchment area calculation software and powerful isochronous. This solution includes all the components to manage and analyze geographic information and marketing. It also increases the performance of decisions and operations conducted within an organization.

In order to provide a study to the closest reality, we do not plan a cultural project of local, national or international scale without a real field study. We are talking about experience to understand the local context that unites a territory to its culture and heritage. This study also commits us closer to the artists, structure and people who work there to immerse ourselves in the artistic context.


Art is a powerful tool in a company long term success.





Art Storm Consulting has the ability to create artistic events and leading entertainment for its customers. Our team and partners are creating events that are specifically designed to promote your entity in an artistic context and to deepen relationships with your customers with your staff and your employees through an artistic entertainment. Events can take the form of a single event, a full festival or a global strategy. Art Storm Consulting provides key event management services in hand and manages each project from concept to completion.


Fine art is increasingly sought out as an alternative asset and as a store of wealth. The market has expanded 600% in 20 years. New buyers are there in numbers from both established and emerging economies. We save our private and corporate clients time and money and we reduce their transactional risk by guiding them through the opaque international art market. We understand the need for discretion; we are transparent on pricing and we avoid conflicts of interest.


Almost any business needs sponsorship, we are confident, we can find a cost effective sponsorship opportunity in art to deliver on those needs and exceed expectations. Working together brings added value to art and your company, where its success brings genuine business benefits to the sponsor.


We know your challenges

We have been working for almost 10 years with galleries around the world. You are our every day partners and our first link with the artists. We know the challenges you face every day because we faced them. That’s why we put together a range of services dedicated to the collaboration between your gallery, our structure and our partners.

We are here to help

We meet everyday galleries who need support for their projects and their problems inspire us to discover the right solutions! Art Storm is here to help, just ask and we’ll see what we can do!

Other services


Art Insurance

flexible fine art coverage, based on an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs.


The best artists deserve the best framers.

hanging up

No job is too big or too small. Expert layout and hanging of all artworks


Buy wisely, sell wisely, and take care regarding authentication.


Le marché de l’art n’aura plus de secrets pour vous !

Random projects & acquisitions


We believe in creative engagement so we blend strategy, creativity and technology to create inspired futures for our clients. We help them to define their business, creating ideas with art that enable them to adapt, evolve, progress and succeed!

Arthur Fanton, Director


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